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Quadran Brasil - Energia renovável e responsabilidade socioambiental aliados para um futuro sustentável. ×

We are an independent electricity producer that develops, deploys and operates solutions based on renewable energy sources, thus contributing to building a sustainable future.

We are the Brazilian subsidiary of Quadran International, a French company with extensive experience in the European market, which in recent years has been consolidating a bold growth and internationalization plan that reflects its dynamic and expansive spirit.

Our actions are based on the continuous practice of social and environmental sustainability and the promotion of synergy between people.

What we do

Our main mission is to develop and deploy solutions based on renewable sources that contribute to the transition of the energy matrix, especially , wind and solar sources, both centrally and decentralized.


We are a big born company. With just over 1 year in operation in Brazil, we already have a significant Project Portfolio, with an installed capacity of approximately 3,000 MW. Of these, 487.3 MW are in the implementation phase, with commercial startup scheduled for January 2022.

In addition to these, our project portfolio has over 1,020 MW of wind projects and solar photovoltaic projects, fully developed brownfield in the states of Ceará, Rio Grande do Norte and Bahia. These projects aim to contract energy in the next ACR and / or free market – ACL auctions.

Approximately 1,696 MW are also in different stages of development in greenfield wind and solar photovoltaic projects, which ensures the consolidation of our company’s expansion plan for the next 10 years.

In Distributed Generation, we have already implemented, through our subsidiary Solier, several residential and commercial photovoltaic solar projects in the metropolitan region of Fortaleza. In addition, it already operates its first medium-sized plant with a capacity of 289.8 kWp in the municipality of Aquiraz / CE, and its first multi-magawatt plant with a capacity of 4.9 MWp in the municipality is in the final stages of development. .

These results demonstrate our confidence in the potential of the Brazilian market, as well as our commitment to the transition of the country’s energy matrix.


Distributed generation

Reinforcing our commitment to offer sustainable solutions in our country, Quadran Brasil also started its operation in the Distributed Generation sector. To this end, we acquired control of Solier Soluções Inteligentes, which has been operating in the sector since 2015 as a provider of technical advisory services to captive consumers.

With the entry of Quadran Brazil, Solier has expanded its way of operating in the market, offering more interesting and profitable solutions for its customers. In a bold plan to implement at least 5 MW of projects in generation distributed annually.

It also has its own technical team working on new business models to make it possible soon to use small and medium sized wind turbines, as well as Storage in distributed generation.

More information about Solier can be found at www.solier.com.br

Social and Environmental Responsibility

For us, social and environmental responsibility is an obligation and is consistently present in our organizational identity, consequently in our essence.

Our actions are guided by a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (PRSE) that not only governs the company’s environment reflecting the concern with our image towards society, but ensures Quadran Brasil’s commitment to people, human development values ​​and concerns. genuine to the environment.

We understand that, for the exercise of our activities, we enjoy the wind and the sun as raw material, which in turn make up the natural heritage of society, insofar as it belongs to all, indistinctly, as an indivisible and collective good. In addition, we make use of a sequential chain of harnessing a set of knowledge and doings arising from social organization.

From this perspective, we consider it important to make reparation so that the future is not strongly affected by our actions. And willingly, we are accountable for the use of resources that do not belong to us and that need to be returned in the form of products, services and, especially, socio-environmental actions aimed at solving problems that afflict society and the environment.

Our proposal, contained in RSA, boils down to promoting the transition of Brazil’s electricity matrix from renewable energy sources, as well as carrying out initiatives that are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), aiming to promote the principles of sustainability in the most various dimensions, such as the rational use of resources, the promotion of renewable energy, environmental safety and labor; as well as actions of development and respect for the local culture.


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