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In order to facilitate its entry into new markets, our parent company, Quadran International, adopts a very aggressive stance, which involves the acquisition of equity stakes in companies with high technical recognition and experience in the target markets.

In December 2017, Quadran International acquired control of one of the most respected wind and solar project development companies in the country, with over 20 years of experience in the renewable energy market.

The union of Quadran International’s economic strength and carrying capacity with the technical and commercial expertise of the Brazilian company are the cornerstones of Quadran Brasil, a young company, but which has extensive experience in the domestic market and is positioned to become one of the leading and most active players in the industry.

Similar to our parent company, we have activities focused on the development of energy generating plants from renewable sources, especially wind and solar sources, as well as hydro and biomass. One of the main characteristics of these sources is the ability to decentralize.


We participate in all phases of our projects, which begins with the identification of the best location, goes through the development of technical projects and, once the energy has been contracted, we implement and commercially operate the generating plants.

More information about our parent company, please visit the website www.quadran-international.com

Our mission

We inherit from our parent company a permanent concern to actively participate in building a better future; in which the principles of sustainable development guide decisions and guidelines of the company in all its actions. This sentiment consciously reflects on our organizational identity and consequently defines our essence.

Overlapping the narrow mission of simply developing and implementing solutions based on renewable sources. It is our commitment to contribute to the transition of the Brazilian electricity matrix as well as to promote social and environmental sustainability and people’s synergy.

Our Values

Our values ​​and beliefs express these beliefs and establish the conduct of our company. These are parameters that guide the life of the organization and guide our internal and external relationships (customers, employees, suppliers, partners, society, governments, etc.), based on the practice of positive attitudes guided by integrity, honesty, transparency and impacity.


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